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Adoption Guide 

All interested adopters must have/understand ALL of the following before being considered as a potential adopter. We take placing an animals life in your hands very seriously, and want to ensure we are doing the best thing for both the animal and for you.

  • Valid Drivers License
  • Be over the age of 21
  • Renters must show proof or provide information to verify that the pet is allowed at the residence
  • Be willing to have an in person interview to go over expectations for both you and the animal
  • Be willing to have a Love And Rescue volunteer do a home visit
  • Must fill out our adoption application. Link above.

Please fill out the adoption application in full and a Case Manager will reach out to you. If an animal has multiple applications we will pick the home best suited for the animal.

All adopters must understand and agree that your pet is part of your family, and that it is important to keep them healthy. We do the best we can to ensure we match you with the perfect pet and ask that you ensure they are taken care of once they are in your care.

  • Ensure your pet is on heart-worm preventive, flea/tick preventive, and go to annual check-ups.
  • Microchip (and register your chip) and make sure your pet has a tag on at all times.
  • Animals must be indoors for the majority of the time, especially during harsh weather conditions, cold or hot.
  • Be patient with potty training, this can take some time and we will provide help and advice as necessary.
  • Make sure your pet gets enough food, water and exercise. Just like humans, they need all those things to thrive in their new home.
  • Understand that this is a commitment that will require time and money.
  • Must agree not to physically alter the animal; this would include: dock tail, debark, ear cropping, and de-claw and any other form of unnecessary physical alterations.
  • NEVER surrender your pet to any other shelter or rescue organization, please contact Love And Rescue directly.


  • Fill out application in store or online - application must be filled out in full 
  • Once the application is received the case manager for that rescue animal will contact the applicant for a brief phone interview 
  • Following the call the case manager will schedule a time for a meet and greet, this will typically take place at the foster’s home 
  • If all goes well, we will do a thorough reference and background check; contingent upon a good check, the case manager will schedule a weekend sleepover 
  • Home visit will coincide with weekend sleepover drop off. Should anything be of concern in the home environment, it will be addressed and decision to continue with or postpone/cancel sleepover is up to case manager’s discretion. 
  • If the sleepover goes well, the case manager will proceed to finalize the adoption, in person 
  • Non-refundable Adoption Fee is $150 for dogs and $75 for cats (Includes full vetting, spay/neuter, and microchip)

Adoption Fee is a non-refundable $150 for dogs.

Adoption Fee is a non-refundable $75 for cats.

Fee includes:

  • A spay/neuter
  • Microchip
  • Up to date vaccinations
  • Up to date flea/tick and heartworm prevention.

All of the funds (100%) donated to Love And Rescue go directly to an animal in need as we have no overhead and no administrative fees.

This would include: emergency care, food, vaccines, surgery, x-rays, medication, play time and a variety of other things that our furry friends need to stay happy and healthy while under the shelter or foster’s supervision. All animals adopted from Love And Rescue are micro-chipped, fully vaccinated, and spayed/neutered.

Love And Rescue takes in animals of all ages, breeds, shapes, sizes, color, pregnant, healthy or unhealthy. Below are some of our most beloved cases. Without the help of fosters, volunteers, and donors they would have never gotten their second chance at life.


Medical Case: Abscess

Reese was found on the front yard of someones home in Pearland. Everything seemed okay in her initial vet check up so we figured she was just scared and timid of a new environment. One night in her fosters home her abscess burst and she was rushed to the vet. She had a drained put into the side of her body to drain the wound. After a few months everything began to heal and her fur eventually grew over the scar.

For more information on abscesses in dogs please click the link below.



Medical Case: Mange (Canine Scabies)

Zena and Zuri were found in the woods with three other living siblings, one dead sibling, and their dead mom. They were about 8 weeks old, infected with all kinds of worms, and had scabies. Zena and Zuri had to be quarantined for a month. Their foster had to nurse them back to health in her spare bathroom. In the end she couldn’t part with either dogs and thought they should remain together so she adopted them both!

For more information on mange please click the link below. If you think your dog has mange please consult with a vet immediately.



This girl is famous. She made the news! She was hit by a car and roamed around for days with a broken leg. She eventually hobbled into a fire station where someone posted a picture and social media came together to help this girl. Two wonderful foster families later, she is in her forever home.


Medical Case: Broken Foot

Lacy was abandoned at a gas station in Pasadena. She was 8 weeks old and had a broken and infected foot.  She was confined in her kennel and restrained from moving so she can get the best chance at walking on all 4 legs again. Lacy then went through 6 months and 2 surgeries to fix her foot.

For more information on dogs with broken bones please click the link below. If your dog is limping please contact your vet immediately.



Medical Case: Leg Amputation

Trey was a breeder puppy with a deformed leg that the breeder was going to be euthanized. An acquaintance of the breeder pleaded with them to surrender him and they did. Despite attempts to save Trey’s leg. Cutting off a leg is never easy but we were fortunate enough that Trey was strong enough to withstand the surgery and recovery.

For more information on dogs with amputated legs please click the link below.



This sweet girl was found on a construction site with a broken hip! One of our amazing volunteers brought her in and we found her a wonderful medical foster who couldn’t give her up…we call that a foster failure…aka angel in disguise!

Love and Rescue -- Belle


Hobby was found by Hobby airport…hence the name. This baby had a terrible skin infection and heart worms. His amazing medical foster allowed him to rest, and gave him the care he needed until he was adopted into his forever home.

Love and Rescue -- Hobby

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